NL FR is the association of HR Professionals in Belgium.

We give a voice to the HR Profession in Belgium.

HRPro uses the CEBMA-model

The Belgian Association of HR Professionals ( has decided to use the CEBMA-model as the model for its evidence-based approach.

As a reminder, hrpro was founded 3 years ago with as purpose

to stimulate exchanges between HR Professionals and HR-Associations,
to support the development of the profession,
And to increase the impact HR has on decision-making processes. is also a member of the European Associaton of People Management (EAPM).

HR is a very diversified field that combines many bodies of knowledge: behavioral science, law, marketing, IT, Business Management, Strategy, ... And HR professionals are facing many challenges.

To improve HR's decision-making it is essential that HR adopts rigorous methods to choose, implement and evaluate its actions. The Model of the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMA) provides a useful and pragmatic framework to do that.

For more information about the CEBMA-approach please go to


David Ducheyne

Voorzitter - Président