Waarom HRPro?

Lid worden?

HR Professionals worden lid van een van de deelverenigingen. Verenigingen kunnen lid worden van hrpro.be.

Word lid

HR Wants to give a voice to HR in Belgium. The association aims at gathering a professional community around common values, insights and roles. We believe that there is no value in a fragmented approach and that we are better of when we work together.

That's why a number of existing professional associations created hrpro.be in 2016.

Our Values?

  • We strongly believe that people make the difference in our organisations, companies, economy. And therefore we need to focus on them.

  • We strongly believe we need a professional approach, using experience and evidence to steer our actions.

  • We strongly believe that we need to focus on adding value and achieving results, using data to prove that we are doing so.