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Fluvius is HR Ambassador 2024

16 mei 24
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On May 16th, the FLUVIUS HR team was elected HR Ambassador 2024. Ilse Van Belle (HR Director) received the award at the Planet Group Arena in Ghent from Corinne Scoyer , Antwerp Police Zone, the laureate in 2023.

The HR Gala aims to give extra visibility to Human Resources Management or personnel policy. For almost twenty years, the event has awarded an ambassadorial assignment to a company or person who can be considered a ‘best practice’ in HR. Merit, value, and impact on the field are central to the choice of the ambassador.

Focus on Inclusion

This year, the jury praised the winner for its HR policy that focuses on employees, customers, and society, as well as an impressive recruitment policy that results in high retention. The steps taken in terms of diversity and inclusion, the focus on reskilling, and trust as the foundation for all this were also highlighted as strengths of the winning organization.

During the event, Peggy De Prins and David Ducheyne gave their insights on inclusion. The panel with the nominees gave practical examples of how inclusion could take place within an organization.

Laureates and nominees can be proud
The other nominees are also ambassadors for the field. In addition to our winner, Fluvius, Eurostar, and Proximus were excellent challengers in the final round, with HR policies to be proud of.

Hr is a great profession!

The HR GALA is a joint initiative of Antwerp Management School , Colorclub , Federgon - Network for work ,, HR Square , Jobat , and the Federation of Belgian Enterprises VBO FEB and .

The member associations and partners were also present: VOCAP , ProHR vzw , VHR Antwerpen, VHR West-Vlaanderen, #hrmclub, #hrlab, Groupe Epsilon asbl HR Public, VDAB and VBO FEB and VOV Lerend Netwerk