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Hertta Vuorenmaa: Closing Keynote

HRPro Nationaal Congres -2021 Learn Grow Win- Conférence Nationale HRPro

Hertta Vuorenmaa (Directrice de recherche sur l'avenir du travail, Université d’Altoo) Closing Keynote ENG

A central part of thinking about lifelong learning is understanding and analyzing what the technology driven change looks like in organizations and what the implications of that change mean in different contexts. Changing nature of work and lifelong learning should be approached simultaneously on individual, organizational and societal levels (WEF, 2019) so that the learning responsibility does not stay solely on the individual level. We know from research that regardless of all the possibilities offered by new technologies many organizations are still managed according to the basic principles of Taylorism. This type of management style does not, as a rule, create fruitful incentives to continuously learn. Still we should be thinking much more about how we lead the on-going change as we also know from research that greatest challenge (obstacle for learning and effective work) in all three levels, micro, meso and macro is the technology related mindset: do you see technology as a threat or as a possibility? The big question is, how to lead change so that everyone could feel included? What does work look like now, what about in the future? Re-thinking the changing nature of work and how it should be lead is a central factor and enabler for even considering ways towards successful, continuous, lifelong learning.


Tom Baele

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